Finding Freedom with Multiple Streams of Income

How do you gain control of your life and gain financial freedom? Two things need to happen. You need to:

1) Get Out of Debt

2) Have multiple streams of income.

I read a stat that said 50% of people are disengaged at work. People go to a job they really don't like to pay the bills. Life doesn't have to be that way. You must empower yourself with multiple streams of income BEFORE you get to your breaking point and walk out of the job. If you walk out of your job before you replace your income, you put your family in a world of hurt.

In order to gain financial freedom and have multiple streams of income, you have to have a strategy of how you are going to achieve the goal. You work the plan until you come to a place where you can decide if you want to stay at your current job or not. When you get to that point of staying at the job because you choose to stay, you gain a swagger about you. You know that the job doesn't own you any more. You are your own person. 

So what comes into place that could stop you from building multiple streams of income? For one, self sabotage and self doubt. Mindset is a huge part of succeeding or failing. Other things that factor into seceding or failing is fear or laziness. You may not want to put in the work needed to get to the goal. I get that. You have a lot on your plate already. You have a family. Family takes a lot of your time. You already are working a job. Totally get wanting to be lazy and just keep living how you are living. That is totally an acceptable choice you can make but it doesn't have to be the only choice. 

In order to combat fear and begin developing the mindset of succeeding and pushing through self sabotage; you can say an affirmation like, "I am financially free and living abundantly."~oola guys Start your day with an affirmation to get in the mindset that you are going to succeed and win that this!

There are 2 types of income:

1) Active 

2) Passive

The passive income is the sexy income. That is the income that is residual. That is the long term goal of multiple streams of income. Passive income is the long game. Active income is your normal job and a side business that you have. Active income requires your time to make money. 

To gain financial freedom it is important that you tackle debt at the same time you are building in multiple streams of income. You can't be truly free if you owe everyone and their mother. You can have all the income in the world but if you have all that debt over you, you will never be free.

Why is it so important to build multiple streams of income? In 2020 we saw many people get furloughed. A ton of places went out of business. People went to work one day with a job and woke up the next day unemployed. If you have multiple streams of income and one of your income sources disappears, you don't end up panicking. You still have some money coming in. Some money is better than no money. You can get to a point with multiple streams of income that it wouldn't be much of stretch if something happened to one of your income revenue sources.

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Natural Happiness and How to Get It

If you are like me you may feel like you are losing the ability to make your own choices left and right with all the things wrapped around Corona. The Corona virus has had a tremendous negative effect on every single person. People are separated from social interactions. People are wondering how they are going to pay their bills or put food on the table because businesses shut down. Everyone feels hate every where. Some people feel that their right to choose what's best for their own health has been taking away from them. People are forced to wear masks. The people for wearing masks are upset by people who don't want to wear them. Both side of the mask debate have justifiable reasons for choosing which way they believe. Society feels like an us vs them all wrapped around this virus.

Its been tremendously upsetting for friends and family that have been separated from loved ones who had tested positive for corona. They are unable to be next to them. They are unable to advocate for their loved one. They are unable to touch their loved one. In some cases, they have had to say good bye to their loved one over the phone. Some have been permitted to be next to their loved one in passing. I would venture to say those family and friends still feel upset not being allowed to be next to the patient while being hospitalized. Some people were not able to be next to their loved one in passing. Either way it can be frustrating. The hospitals intentions are good. They do not want to see the virus spread.  The question does come up, should the hospitals re-evaluate their positions on patients being separated? I feel they should as more data about the virus comes out. Perhaps, hospitals, based on the data, will reconsider the policy and make changes or possibly keep the current policies in place. As more data comes out and if they find this virus to not be as deadly as one perceived, perhaps they will take into consideration the mental health of the patient's family and friend. Not being able to be bed side of their loved one plays a huge role in their mental health.

So with everything going on in the world, and we may find ourselves feeling the hate, or sad or depressed or anxious, how to we find happiness naturally? The answer is simple but not easy. The simple answer is to exercise. Exercise is probably the hardest thing to get yourself to do when you are feeling down. Nothing in you wants to do anything. You have no motivation to get up and get moving. You have little motivation to hang out with friends (if you even can). When your heart is sad, the idea of exercise is the simple solution but the hardest to put into action.

If you truly want to feel better on the inside, moving the body in any way will be key to finding happiness naturally. If you feel angry inside, perhaps boxing or kickboxing would be a good outlet. If you feel sad but enjoy dancing, finding a good dance workout to do might be the solution for you. Some people go for runs when life gets hard and it helps them clear their head. The point is, find something that gets your body moving for at least 30 minuets and you WILL feel better!

Psych Central wrote a blog post on the effects exercise has on the body. Here are the 5 things they highlight on how exercise helps bring natural happiness:

1) Clears Your Mind

2) Improves Self Esteem

3) Better Sleep

4) Increase social interaction (with group fitness; hiking,biking;running or taking a group fitness class. Basically exercising with someone else)

5) A healthy way to cope

I find these things to be true in my own life. I know I am not thinking about all the things that get me down when I workout. I just focus on my workout routine. I feel so much better about myself. I know I am doing my best to be healthy and hopefully get the physique I am looking for. I find that my sleep does improve when I make working out a part of my daily or weekly routine. I feel happier after my workouts.

I have a FREE 3 Step Guide to other things that have helped me feel better when I feel down. You can get it here!

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How to Make Yourself Invincible in the Working World

Big and small companies are laying people off. So how do you set yourself up to be financially stable in an uncertain world. Just today a large business just laid off several employees. I know another company is about to do the same. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and found out you didn't have a job? Back in March several families experienced that and now more will be in that same boat. The best answer to the question is not having all your eggs in one basket. Having a regular job is wonderful. It shouldn't be the be all end all. If you want to be "invincible" in the business world having several streams of income is really important. Having a side gig is one way you can help yourself get to that place of steadiness. Nothing feels more unsettling than realizing your income stream is cut off. If you had a side gig, perhaps that side gig could get you by. Perhaps it could  provide enough to pay a bill or two or put gas in the car to get to an interview or put food on the table. Maybe your side gig is enough to get by if you really pinched pennies. If you have additional income streams perhaps it could keep you afloat until your situation changes.

A prominent banking institution offers 4 reason why it would be wise to have a side gig. One of the reasons its wise to have a side gig is it helps pay off debt faster. Can you imagine how much better off you would be if you woke up and lost your job but had very little debt? That would be a huge load off your shoulders if you only had to worry about your main bills and not a massive amount of debt.

Having a side gig can help you build wealth once you have paid off all your debt. You can start boosting your savings account for emergencies or big purchases. A side gig could help you put more money away for retirement.

Many people have discovered that their side gig ended up becoming their full time job because they became so passionate about what they were doing. The possibility is there of really enjoying what you do for a living. Some people are blessed loving what they do for a living. Unfortunately most people don't end up enjoying what they do for a living. A side gig may potentially turn into your full time job and it might turn into something you love!

Some people believe they don't have the time to do something on the side. Here is the thing, you will be stuck where you are and there will be no way out unless you begin making a change today. Now a days, its easier than ever to work in little spurts of time throughout the day using a smart phone. Videos can be created that generate leads even while you sleep. You can reach out and start chats with people in instant messenger and so on. Its easy to find a few minuets out of your day and work on your side hustle all from your phone. If you really are tired of where you are and want a way out, you will find the time to get there!

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It's totally up to you. If you continue to do the same thing you are doing now nothing changes.

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Anxiety? Depression? How to Feel Better Naturally

What if I told you there was a way to lessen your anxiety, get better sleep and improve your relationships with doing just one thing, would you want to know how? When I give you the answer, I know thoughts and feelings are going to swarm your body and brain.

A very easy way to increase your joy and lessen feeling of anxiety and depression, improve your quality of sleep and your relationships is with exercise. I am sure you already knew that. How does that make you feel when I tell you about exercising? Are you up for it? Perhaps you feel like most people. When you hear the word exercise you think about how uncomfortable you are going to feel.

I know. I think of that too! I have to psych myself up to exercise. I don’t want to be out of breath. I don’t want my muscles to burn. I don’t want to get all sweaty. When you challenge your body, you do get uncomfortable. You know what exercise did for you me? It helped me get through a difficult stage in my life.

Before I had children, I worked at a radio station in a large market. I had my own radio show. We needed sponsors to keep the show on the air. I had them for a while. Then all of the sudden the sponsorships dried up. No sponsors no show. I still worked at the station doing other tasks. It was really hard. I loved what I did so not having a show on the air for that time was really difficult. Little did I know not having a show on air would be a blessing.

I began going through a lot of loss. I had my second and third miscarriage in between the death of my very close uncle. It felt as though I was going through an entire season of loss and it was truly hard to get through life. I have struggled for years with my weight. I do not overeat, but I have some stuff that makes keeping a healthy weight difficult.

My husband and I joined the gym. I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I needed that exercise to get through a difficult season of my life. It helped me feel happier. I wasn’t as sad as I was before my workout regime. I began getting stronger. I started feeling better about myself. I felt so good after my workout. My body felt so relaxed. I liked that relaxed feeling. The way I felt afterwards kept me going back. It wasn’t always easy getting through the class, but it was so worth it for me. I would go right after work to the gym.

Not too long ago I began working out again. I was in a kickboxing class and I realized my body wouldn’t move the way I needed it too. I was under a ton of stress. I never really realized how much stress effects our bodies until that night. That night has been burned into my brain, so I never forget the negative effects stress has on my body. I literally felt like the Tin Man needing oil.

If you are ready to take the next step and begin working on your health, I have a 28 day Healthier YOU challenge that you can be apart of. Exercise is only one small part of the challenge. If you want to learn more about the challenge, click on this link. It explains it all

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The Elephant in the Room: Why People Choose Not to Workout!

When you mention the word working out or exercise, it’s interesting to see how people react. Most people desire to loose weight or live a healthy lifestyle but most people do not participate in moving their body on a regular basis. Why is that?

Psychology Today’s blog posts suggests people do not want to feel uncomfortable and will avoid that feeling whenever possible. They also suggested that perhaps our life is a little too comfortable. We live and work in temperature control places. We sleep on huge comfy mattresses and take nice warm showers.

I know for me and I am sure others choose not to work out because of the physical discomfort they will feel during the workout process. I have to psych myself up to actually do the workout. I know I will feel the muscle burn. I know I am going to sweat. I know I am going to be out of breath. I don’t enjoy any of those feelings.

What I need to remember is the HUGE reward that is waiting for me after I completed my workout. I am one step closer to hitting my goal!!!! My body feels so much better after a workout. I have less stress in my body. I sleep better. I am a happier person. I am being a good example to my children.

My daughter has seen me over the years attempting to live a healthy lifestyle. She has began living the example set before her. I want her to be healthy. She chooses fruits and veggies over other indulgences on a regular basis. She enjoys working out with me or even on her own. I am so proud of her strong body. I honestly don’t think those things would have entered into her mind if I wasn’t trying to be the best I can be.

Not too long ago, there was a night I went in for a kick boxing class. Those classes are fun because it works you hard and you learn how to be a badass. At least that’s the way I felt. I think any of those classes wither it be martial arts, kickboxing, boxing or anything like that, you will build up so much confidence in yourself and your body will get stronger.

I digress. I don’t remember why I was feeling so stressed out but I was super stressed. My body wouldn’t allow me to move the way I needed to move. I felt like the Tin Man who needed oil. I didn’t realize how much my body was suffering because of stress. I realized right then, working out is what I desperately needed to get all that stress out of my body. That day has been ingrained in my brain.

I have a 28 Day Challenge group you can be apart of to jumpstart a healthy living lifestyle. The link describes what’s all involved in the challenge.

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I also have a guide The 3 Life Changing Steps, and See How this Could Work for Your Wellness .

I am cheering for you!!!

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