We just wrapped up convention. It was amazing. We got to see Carrie Underwood perform. We were able to visit one of the Young Living Farms (Mona Farm). Check out the highlights here 

This is a quick glimpse of all the new products that have just launched. Have you got the Think Dirty App on your phone yet? It will blow your mind once you down load the app. The App is a great tool to help you make better choices on the products you use on your kids, pets, yourself, products to clean with and so much more. It is truly eye opening. Once I looked up Johnson and Johnson and saw how bad it was for my kids I threw it all away. Our new baby line is just what I have been looking for. Click here to see the new line

While you have the app, check out your personal care products. See for yourself what you are slathering on your head and face as you get ready in the morning. Then check out this video. I think one of the most exciting thing at convention was the announcement of our brand new make up launch!!! We now have an option to have healthy makeup as we get ready to start our day. The Savvy Mineral line is absolutely amazing. Some people have used store bought mineral make up before and said their skin had a reaction to the makeup. It did because of some of the chemicals they used to create the make up. Young Living took all that junk out. I think you will find your face will love you once you try the Savvy Mineral Makeup Line. After your day is over, don't forget about our facial cleaning system called ART. The cool thing about both the Savvy Mineral Makeup and the ART System is the fact you are actually applying real botanicals to your skin. You will pay a lot of money at a Day Spa to use botanicals in your treatments and the truth is we don't know if those botaniclas are synthesized or not. With Young Living you never have to worry about quality.

Our brand New Sun Screen is amazing because they took out the nano particles. Most store bought sun screen has nano particles. Those nano particles gets into the blood stream. Scientists still do not know the effect that has on the body. Our insect repellent is safe to use on children and has been clinically shown to be very effective against mosquitoes.

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