Did You Know Being On Essential Rewards Can Reduce Your Grocery Bill

Did you know being on Essential Rewards can reduce your grocery bill every month? Yes it can Ill show you how.

By sharing Young Living with 5 people you care about and enrolling them in Essential Rewards, You will become a Star with Young Living. The average Star, according to the 2015 income disclosure guide, makes an average of $79 per month.

That means almost YOUR entire Essential Rewards order for that month is almost FREE. The products you add to your essential rewards order are things you purchase at the grocery store every single month.

Things You Purchase at the Grocery Store:

  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Body Wash
  • Cleaning Products
  • Hand soaps
  • Facial Cleaning Soaps
  • Supplements

In turn, show your friends how they can reduce their grocery bill by showing them how they can enroll 5 people into Essential Rewards.

Instead of buying all those things mentioned above at $100, You are now only paying $21.

Here is what you Don't get from the grocery store:

  • A percentage back of your purchase so you can get free products
  • They don't gift you every month with free anything for purchasing from them

What you DO get from the grocery store are TOXIC Chemicals you apply to the body and end up ingesting.

Here is what you get with Essential Rewards:

If you need help sharing, I have scripts and cds I can give you to help you have more confidence when you share Young Living to those you care about.

2015 Young Living Income Disclosure

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