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We both know that many of the products on the market can be harmful to our health. A great tool we can use when we are at the grocery store is the EWG Healthy Living app.

It may be the time to start the 3 cabinet challenge around your home. Pick 3 cabinets around your home and Ditch the toxic filled products and switch it with a healthier product from Young Living. The products you are using around your home could be potentially harming your health. You can start with current supplements you are taking. Check out the attached “Ditch and Switch” product list and see how many you can eliminate from your household by replacing it with guaranteed chemical free products. You and your family are worth it!

Having a healthy gut is important to living a full and happy life. Here is an interesting fact 30% of our immune system and 30% of our nervous system are in our gut. One important step towards prevention is taking a daily supplement that supports gut health.

Young Living’s Life 9 is a high potency probiotic that promotes natural digestive balance, supports a healthy immune system, and contains nine probiotic strains

with 17 billion active cultures!

The good bacteria in your gut help to fight off invaders, such as, stress as well as a poor diet which can easily destroy the good bacteria in your gut.

Don’t forget the children, they deserve the best…and now, Young Living has provided MightyPro!

MightyPro has 8 billion active live cultures to support digestive and immune health.MightyPro helps to maintain a healthy digestive track and discomfort of gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

Why Ditch and Switch the current Probiotic you are using?

The difference?Young Living supplements contain essential oils in the supplement to provide a more bioavailable nutrient within the body. Studies show with the addition of essential oils, these supplements have an 80% absorption rate in the body vs. only 30% for most other supplements on the market.


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