Some Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Your Gut

Benjamin Franklin said “ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That saying rings so true today. Having a healthy gut is important to a living a full and happy life. Did you know serotonin, the hormone that produces pleasure, is produced in the gut? If your gut isn't healthy it will affect how you feel mood wise. Here is an interesting fact 30% of our immune system and 30% of our nervous system is in our gut. One step towards prevention is taking a daily supplement that supports gut health. Young Living’s Life 9 is a probiotic which includes 9 probiotic strains for full-spectrum gut support. Probiotics are like guardians to your gut. Good bacteria in your gut help to fight off invaders. Stress and a poor diet can easily destroy the good bacteria in your gut. Life 9 builds and restores intestinal health.

*“What is the difference between Young Living supplements and other supplements? In a nutshell, the essential oils in the supplement make the nutrients more bioavailable in the body. Studies show that with the essential oils, these supplements have an 80% absorption rate in the body vs. only 30% for most other supplements out there.”

There are so many uses for lemon essential oil. Adding a drop of lemon vitality to water or tea really helps flavor your beverage. Diffusing lemon can really help uplift your mood. It makes the room smell nice and you feel peaceful. Lemon is a natural degresser. You can use in while washing the dishes or add some drops to your laundry detergent.Lemon can support your immune system and the cardiovascular system. Lemon is a wonderful oil to use in conjunction with other oils. I love using it in the spring when everything is in bloom.. I mix a drop of lemon, peppermint and lavender and I place it behind the ears.

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