How to Make Yourself Invincible in the Working World

Big and small companies are laying people off. So how do you set yourself up to be financially stable in an uncertain world. Just today a large business just laid off several employees. I know another company is about to do the same. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and found out you didn't have a job? Back in March several families experienced that and now more will be in that same boat. The best answer to the question is not having all your eggs in one basket. Having a regular job is wonderful. It shouldn't be the be all end all. If you want to be "invincible" in the business world having several streams of income is really important. Having a side gig is one way you can help yourself get to that place of steadiness. Nothing feels more unsettling than realizing your income stream is cut off. If you had a side gig, perhaps that side gig could get you by. Perhaps it could  provide enough to pay a bill or two or put gas in the car to get to an interview or put food on the table. Maybe your side gig is enough to get by if you really pinched pennies. If you have additional income streams perhaps it could keep you afloat until your situation changes.

A prominent banking institution offers 4 reason why it would be wise to have a side gig. One of the reasons its wise to have a side gig is it helps pay off debt faster. Can you imagine how much better off you would be if you woke up and lost your job but had very little debt? That would be a huge load off your shoulders if you only had to worry about your main bills and not a massive amount of debt.

Having a side gig can help you build wealth once you have paid off all your debt. You can start boosting your savings account for emergencies or big purchases. A side gig could help you put more money away for retirement.

Many people have discovered that their side gig ended up becoming their full time job because they became so passionate about what they were doing. The possibility is there of really enjoying what you do for a living. Some people are blessed loving what they do for a living. Unfortunately most people don't end up enjoying what they do for a living. A side gig may potentially turn into your full time job and it might turn into something you love!

Some people believe they don't have the time to do something on the side. Here is the thing, you will be stuck where you are and there will be no way out unless you begin making a change today. Now a days, its easier than ever to work in little spurts of time throughout the day using a smart phone. Videos can be created that generate leads even while you sleep. You can reach out and start chats with people in instant messenger and so on. Its easy to find a few minuets out of your day and work on your side hustle all from your phone. If you really are tired of where you are and want a way out, you will find the time to get there!

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It's totally up to you. If you continue to do the same thing you are doing now nothing changes.

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