Natural Happiness and How to Get It

If you are like me you may feel like you are losing the ability to make your own choices left and right with all the things wrapped around Corona. The Corona virus has had a tremendous negative effect on every single person. People are separated from social interactions. People are wondering how they are going to pay their bills or put food on the table because businesses shut down. Everyone feels hate every where. Some people feel that their right to choose what's best for their own health has been taking away from them. People are forced to wear masks. The people for wearing masks are upset by people who don't want to wear them. Both side of the mask debate have justifiable reasons for choosing which way they believe. Society feels like an us vs them all wrapped around this virus.

Its been tremendously upsetting for friends and family that have been separated from loved ones who had tested positive for corona. They are unable to be next to them. They are unable to advocate for their loved one. They are unable to touch their loved one. In some cases, they have had to say good bye to their loved one over the phone. Some have been permitted to be next to their loved one in passing. I would venture to say those family and friends still feel upset not being allowed to be next to the patient while being hospitalized. Some people were not able to be next to their loved one in passing. Either way it can be frustrating. The hospitals intentions are good. They do not want to see the virus spread.  The question does come up, should the hospitals re-evaluate their positions on patients being separated? I feel they should as more data about the virus comes out. Perhaps, hospitals, based on the data, will reconsider the policy and make changes or possibly keep the current policies in place. As more data comes out and if they find this virus to not be as deadly as one perceived, perhaps they will take into consideration the mental health of the patient's family and friend. Not being able to be bed side of their loved one plays a huge role in their mental health.

So with everything going on in the world, and we may find ourselves feeling the hate, or sad or depressed or anxious, how to we find happiness naturally? The answer is simple but not easy. The simple answer is to exercise. Exercise is probably the hardest thing to get yourself to do when you are feeling down. Nothing in you wants to do anything. You have no motivation to get up and get moving. You have little motivation to hang out with friends (if you even can). When your heart is sad, the idea of exercise is the simple solution but the hardest to put into action.

If you truly want to feel better on the inside, moving the body in any way will be key to finding happiness naturally. If you feel angry inside, perhaps boxing or kickboxing would be a good outlet. If you feel sad but enjoy dancing, finding a good dance workout to do might be the solution for you. Some people go for runs when life gets hard and it helps them clear their head. The point is, find something that gets your body moving for at least 30 minuets and you WILL feel better!

Psych Central wrote a blog post on the effects exercise has on the body. Here are the 5 things they highlight on how exercise helps bring natural happiness:

1) Clears Your Mind

2) Improves Self Esteem

3) Better Sleep

4) Increase social interaction (with group fitness; hiking,biking;running or taking a group fitness class. Basically exercising with someone else)

5) A healthy way to cope

I find these things to be true in my own life. I know I am not thinking about all the things that get me down when I workout. I just focus on my workout routine. I feel so much better about myself. I know I am doing my best to be healthy and hopefully get the physique I am looking for. I find that my sleep does improve when I make working out a part of my daily or weekly routine. I feel happier after my workouts.

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