The Elephant in the Room: Why People Choose Not to Workout!

When you mention the word working out or exercise, it’s interesting to see how people react. Most people desire to loose weight or live a healthy lifestyle but most people do not participate in moving their body on a regular basis. Why is that?

Psychology Today’s blog posts suggests people do not want to feel uncomfortable and will avoid that feeling whenever possible. They also suggested that perhaps our life is a little too comfortable. We live and work in temperature control places. We sleep on huge comfy mattresses and take nice warm showers.

I know for me and I am sure others choose not to work out because of the physical discomfort they will feel during the workout process. I have to psych myself up to actually do the workout. I know I will feel the muscle burn. I know I am going to sweat. I know I am going to be out of breath. I don’t enjoy any of those feelings.

What I need to remember is the HUGE reward that is waiting for me after I completed my workout. I am one step closer to hitting my goal!!!! My body feels so much better after a workout. I have less stress in my body. I sleep better. I am a happier person. I am being a good example to my children.

My daughter has seen me over the years attempting to live a healthy lifestyle. She has began living the example set before her. I want her to be healthy. She chooses fruits and veggies over other indulgences on a regular basis. She enjoys working out with me or even on her own. I am so proud of her strong body. I honestly don’t think those things would have entered into her mind if I wasn’t trying to be the best I can be.

Not too long ago, there was a night I went in for a kick boxing class. Those classes are fun because it works you hard and you learn how to be a badass. At least that’s the way I felt. I think any of those classes wither it be martial arts, kickboxing, boxing or anything like that, you will build up so much confidence in yourself and your body will get stronger.

I digress. I don’t remember why I was feeling so stressed out but I was super stressed. My body wouldn’t allow me to move the way I needed to move. I felt like the Tin Man who needed oil. I didn’t realize how much my body was suffering because of stress. I realized right then, working out is what I desperately needed to get all that stress out of my body. That day has been ingrained in my brain.

I have a 28 Day Challenge group you can be apart of to jumpstart a healthy living lifestyle. The link describes what’s all involved in the challenge.

We have an online community you can be apart of

I also have a guide The 3 Life Changing Steps, and See How this Could Work for Your Wellness .

I am cheering for you!!!

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